451 Research Report Covers FNT Software

We recently briefed the market analyst group 451 Research and Andy Lawrence, Vice President of Research for Datacenter Technologies published an Impact Report titled, “FNT expands as end-to-end infrastructure management message resonates.”

The report outlines FNT Software’s comprehensive solutions for data center infrastructure management, cable and network management, and service management through its FNT Command and FNT ServicePlanet offerings. It also cites the company traction in the marketplace within enterprise and service providers.

According to the report:
“FNT is becoming increasingly ambitious as it sees opportunities open up. Its software spans the lifecycle of IT and extends across several fairly traditional boundaries – whether these are between facilities and IT, IT and telecoms, physical and virtual assets, or even between owned and unowned assets and services. Not all of its customers have such complex problems, but the scope and flexibility of its tools help explain why FNT is getting traction among some large enterprises and service providers. As many organizations undertake a digital transformation, they struggle to establish visibility and control across a sprawling estate of physical and virtual assets. FNT’s approach to managing these is resonating with some big organizations.”

The report highlights FNT Software’s strength as a profitable, growing and stable company with strong software engineering skills and highlights how our vision is aligned with the direction enterprise IT, data center and telecom industries are moving toward. According to 451 Research, service brokering in the enterprise and the professionalization of infrastructure management other factors that align with our product portfolio. Additionally, telco and IT convergence, along with Internet of Things, are key market drivers that will throttle FNT Software’s growth.

We will continue to expand the capabilities and deployment of our technology in 2016, enabling enterprises and service providers to manage all aspects of their data center operations and more importantly, the digital services delivered through them.

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