The Data Center Colocation Challenge

Data Center Colocation Providers are operating in a challenging and competitive environment. Commoditization of space and power is driving colocation providers to differentiate through an extended product and service portfolio. This diversification requires management solutions that support streamlined operational processes in order to deliver these services with the highest level of quality at minimal cost.

FNT‘s solution addresses this challenge by providing a holistic view of all the different resources and services as part of the offered product and service portfolio to be managed by the Colocation provider. Not only space, power and cooling, but also for example the physical cable as well as the logical transport connections are covered to ensure customer SLAs and efficient operations. The FNT solution bridges the gap not only between Facility and Telecommunications but also IT and supports various diversification scenarios such as remote multi-tenancy asset management for end customer cages and suites. Integrated within colocation operator’s processes, the FNT solution leads to unparalleled operational efficiency and unprecedented provisioning speed and quality.