EMA Report Highlights FNT Command for Data Center Optimization

We recently briefed Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) on how our product FNT Command enables enterprises and service providers to manage all aspects of data centers.

As a central control and optimization platform, FNT Command provides complete transparency throughout your data center from IT management, to network connectivity and cable management. The ability to have detailed insight into all of the relationships between IT, facilities, and networks enables data center managers to accurately predict the impact of planned changes and develop effective optimization measures. FNT Command prepares and validates planning scenarios on the basis of recorded values and in-depth analytics in order to make better decisions and to increase the long-term efficiency of the data center.

EMA recently published a report, “FNT Unifies IT Across the Extended Enterprise in Support of Data Center Optimization,” highlighting how FNT Command offers a more integrated and transformative approach to data center management. Here is a snapshot of the report:

For enterprise IT, little is more challenging – and more necessary – than establishing a unified approach to planning, managing, and optimizing investments across diverse and often complex network and data center infrastructures. One of the more compelling innovators in this arena is FNT Software.

FNT Command is the ideal platform for automating IT processes to achieve a sustained reduction in IT costs. While the average IT organization uses multiple discovery and inventory tools, FNT Command – with its library and database – unifies IT across the extended enterprise. Additionally, the comprehensive connectivity layer easily integrates with external systems and can merge entire IT infrastructures within a single tool for maximum transparency at all times.

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