Optimize Your Data Center to Reclaim Lost Capacities

Lost capacities within the data center are often the result of varying lifecycles between ICT assets, technical developments and facilities. As modern data center operations evolve past traditional design planning, both operational and financial challenges arise.

For example, a typical data center is built to last at least 30 years, while facilities management infrastructure is designed to last 10-20 years. In this scenario, data center managers must determine how to reclaim lost capacities without investing in a full data center expansion.

To avoid the expensive and time-consuming construction of a new data center, FNT Command can be implemented to upgrade and optimize existing infrastructure to ensure it performs at full capacity.

FNT Command provides complete visibility into IT performance and maximizes the efficient utilization of space, power and cooling resources throughout the whole data center. Therefore, data center managers can safeguard availability, capitalize on resource utilization and achieve improved sustainability. FNT Command provides the practical basis to effectively optimize all interactions within your IT infrastructure through a three step process:


By accurately documenting all relationships and interdependencies on the physical, logical, and virtual layer between IT services and service assets (CIs) in their current and planned states, a detailed analysis of capacities utilized and complete transparency into IT costs can be achieved throughout your organization.


Monitoring all physical assets in the data center allows consumption levels, performance and capacities of each asset to be analyzed in real-time to effectively manage and control facilities. Monitoring can also boost the reliability of all infrastructure components, ensuring an error-free operation of data centers.


Analyzing IT infrastructure and identifying unused resources enables data center and operations managers to make better informed decisions and create continuous improvement scenarios based on accurate, up-to-date information.

Overall, FNT Command can provide full transparency into your data center from design, to operations, to technology. Investing in a central DCIM solution is fundamental in reclaiming lost capacities and increasing ROI.