End-to-end process management with FNT ProcessCenter

Manage IT and DC infrastructures and telco networks efficiently with user-specific workflows and integrated work order management FNT ProcessCenter is a new component of the FNT Command Platform that enables end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, data center or network infrastructure. In this interview Andreas Regele and Jonas Wagner, both Product Managers at FNT, explain how FNT ProcessCenter makes internal workflows and the control of external service providers more efficient.  Why is efficient process … Continue reading End-to-end process management with FNT ProcessCenter

Reimagining Asset Management: Accelerating ITIL Processes and Incident Resolutions

Asset management provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications infrastructure to ensure operations are running as efficiently as possible. Identifying, documenting, monitoring, and managing arbitrary assets and all CI interrelationships is crucial to maintain and improve uptime, service delivery, productivity, and customer confidence.

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FNT Command delivers Cable Management for Airports

Managing the multitude of airport assets, cabling, data connections, and heterogeneous systems can be challenging. As multiple critical systems function within a very limited space, airport operations are extremely complex and require proper documentation and comprehensive management to ensure operations consistently run smoothly. 

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Importance of Zone Management

Modern IT structures are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to control due to the disparate locations of IT assets and their components. As IT assets are constantly travelling throughout enterprise locations and organizational structures, implementing a comprehensive zone management solution is critical to keep track of assets, service lifecycles, and user responsibilities.

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Transforming Mobile Networks with FNT Command

To keep pace with competitors, IoT and the rise of edge computing – network transformation is mission critical. However, as modern networks are highly complex, this transformation has the potential to be a time-consuming and costly process. From FTTA and C-RAN architecture upgrades, to laying fiber and connecting BBU pool resources to the core network, there are countless steps that must be taken to ensure data is properly transported over mobile networks to geographically dispersed users.

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